Inclusive Leadership: Creating a Culture of Success
for All

Friday 16 March 2018 9.15am – 3.30pm
The Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road, E8 3ND
ONLY £230 + VAT (per delegate)

Keynote speakers

  • Diane Rochford – Executive Head, John F Kennedy School and author of the Rochford Review (SEND)
  • Joanne McCartney – Deputy Mayor, Education and Childcare, London Assembly
  • Gill Brackenbury – Director, UCL Centre for Inclusive Education


  • Kate Chhatwal – CEO of Challenge Partners

Why this conference?

A one-day event for headteachers and senior leaders of primary and secondary schools. The conference will give leaders the opportunity to reflect on their current leadership practice and to hear from a range of experienced and inspirational speakers who will discuss the key aspects that support inclusive leadership. The speakers and workshop leaders will explore with colleagues where practice might be further developed to ensure that all young people flourish both academically and socially.

We are confident that the diverse range of speakers and workshops will offer you inspiration, thoughts and practical ideas for you to take back to your own school, academy or setting.

Key areas to be explored

  • Understand the changes to the statutory assessment of SEND pupils
  • Understand how to develop an inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
  • Accelerating progress for disadvantaged pupils
  • How to develop practice to support social, emotional and, mental health and wellbeing
  • The Equality Act – The implications for schools?
  • Tailoring support for the most vulnerable pupils
  • Tackling disproportionality and sharing practice


Who should attend?

  • Local Authority personnel
  • Academy Trusts and Federations
  • Headteachers
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Assistant Headteachers
  • Senior Leaders
  • SENCOs


8.30 – Registration, refreshments and networking

9.15 – Welcome and chairs opening remarks

9.25 Anne Canning – Group Director, Children, Adults and Community Health, Hackney Council

9.30 – The Rochford Review – progress so far
Diane Rochford – Executive Head, John F Kennedy School and author of the Rochford Review (SEND)

The Rochford Review is a practitioner led initiative to advise the Minister of State for School on solutions for assessing the abilities of pupils who don’t meet the standards required to take the national curriculum tests. This keynote address will provide an overview of the project – where it started, where it is now and where further progress needs to be made. Key issues that will be addressed are:

  • the changing structure of statutory assessment for SEND pupils
  • understanding how to develop an inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
  • personalisation – helping students access the curriculum at all levels
  • the importance of inclusive leadership

10.00 – Q and A

10.10 – Creating equality of opportunity in London’s schools: context, challenges and best practice
Joanne McCartney – Deputy Mayor, Education and Childcare, London Assembly

The GLA is focussed on promoting teaching excellence in all London schools and providing equality of opportunities for all. Projects focus on sharing best practice and driving improvements through collaboration and partnerships. Schools in the capital have improved significantly over the last fifteen years and pupils in London are now consistently amongst the highest performers in the country. However, London must continue to improve educational outcomes so that the city can compete as part of a global economy. London must look to international comparisons to help shape the priorities that the city faces. In her keynote speech Joanne will:

  • highlight the London education context, challenges and examples of good practice
  • introduce the Mayor’s new vision for young people, to have a city for all young Londoners
  • outline the Greater London Authority current activity and programmes for schools including: Early Years Hubs, Teach London and the Mayor’s London Scientist Award

10.50 – Q and A

11.00 – Tea/coffee break

11.20 – Workshop session 1
Please see workshop tab

12.40 – Lunch and networking

13.25 – Workshop session 2
Please see workshop tab

14.45 – Knowledge exchange to support the needs of vulnerable children
Gill Brackenbury – Director, UCL Centre for Inclusive Education

This session will provide an overview of the knowledge exchange programmes run by the Centre for Inclusive Education to support schools and other settings in managing children with complex support needs. These include children who have mental health and emotional wellbeing needs, those with ASD and children in care. The session will cover:

  • cultures of schools and how the attitudes of the senior management team can impact on outcomes for these children
  • review the lack of clarity in defining inclusive education and the factors that make for more inclusive classrooms and schools

15.15 – Q and A

15.30 – Closing remarks and close of conference

Download the conference programme

Booking workshops

Delegates have the opportunity to book two workshops of their choice – one for the 11.20am session and one for the 1.25pm session. All workshops will be repeated (except workshop 1, which will only run in the morning).

Workshop 1: Building a personalised curriculum: Inclusion for all
Suitable for primary and secondary schools

Run by Diane Rochford – Executive Head, John F Kennedy School and author of the Rochford Review (SEND)

This interactive workshop is designed to assist school leaders at both primary and secondary level build a personalised curriculum for students in their schools who are unable to access the mainstream curriculum and undertake statutory assessment. The session will explore the necessary leadership values that need to incorporated to help make these changes possible and ensure that they are sustainable. It will look at the adaptations to the curriculum and assessment that are essential to creating a truly inclusive school.

By attending this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • understand the link between EHC plans and a personalised curriculum
  • create tailored pathways for SEND students
  • ensure that personalisation is workable in practice in the classroom
  • adopt the necessary values to become more inclusive

Workshop 2: Excellence for all – closing the achievement gap
Suitable for primary and secondary schools

Run by Michelle Thomas, Executive Headteacher, New Wave Federation, Hackney and Derek Hewie, Headteacher, Woodberry Down Primary School, Hackney

This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear how schools in the New Wave Federation use a rigorous and consistent intervention cycle, informed by data tracking, to ensure that pupils ‘keep up, not catch up’ with class learning.

Delegates will find out:

  • how the New Wave Federation has used their pupil premium funding to embrace digital learning in lessons
  • how learning with technology can positively impact upon children’s attainment, achievement, disposition and desire to learn
  • how a ‘less is more’ approach can be used in your schools

Workshop 3: Developing mental health and wellbeing in a busy primary school
Suitable for primary schools

Run by Lisa Campbell, Leadership and Management Advisor, Hackney Learning Trust

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to hear about one school’s journey to becoming a Centre of Excellence and ultimately a Flagship School for Inclusion. The school’s development and implementation of strategies to improve inclusive practice was fundamental to this work.

The workshop will:

  • provide practical examples of how social inclusion interventions had a positive influence on pupils wellbeing
  • share the implementation process, looking at what went well and lessons learned
  • provide delegates with the opportunity to share and discuss the approach used in their own schools

Workshop 4: Developing cultural capital to close the gap in EYFS
Suitable for primary schools

Run by Lisa Clarke, Head Teacher, Comet Nursery School & Children’s Centre, Hackney

Comet is a nursery school and children’s centre which lies within a richly diverse area and community. There are 23 different languages spoken and 30% of children are entitled to the EYPP funding. In 2017, they won the TES Early Years Pupil Premium Award for their work in closing the attainment gap, through their Natural Explorers programme which is based around the three elements of forest school, scientific enquiry and gardening and the notion of developing children’s cultural capital. The success of the programme has been both about the creativity, resilience and focus of the staff but also the effective use of the funding based on clear values and consistency of practice while keeping the children’s involvement at the centre.

This session will share key lessons about how to use the pupil premium effectively in the early years, including:

  • the importance of understanding children’s needs
  • assessing impact and outcomes and using the ECAT evidence assessment tool to monitor progress

Workshop 5: Tackling disproportionality for young black people: Sharing practice from pilot projects in Hackney Secondary Schools
Suitable for primary and secondary schools

Run by Helena Burke, Senior Education Improvement Adviser, Hackney Learning Trust.

HLT has funded a number of projects in schools over the last three years focused on reducing the gap in attainment and exclusions for young black people. The projects have included work on:

  • engagement
  • developing a sense of belonging
  • student leadership and self-identity
  • staff development in the area of cultural competency

The practice has application across primary and secondary phases. Colleagues from secondary schools will share their successes and the ways in which they are working to sustain approaches to improving the life chances of these young people.

Workshop 6: Equality Act 2010 – what schools need to know and do
Suitable for primary and secondary schools

Run by Lizzy Ngotta – Inclusion and Specialist Support Team Leader and Sophie McElroy, Home Tuition Service Coordinator & Specialist Teacher for Medical Needs, Hackney Learning Trust.

This workshop discusses the duties on schools to ensure inclusion for CYP with medical needs, SEN and disabilities and those at risk of exclusion. In this practical, collaborative session, participants will be asked to reflect on their own schools’ practice, including ethos, adjustments and expectations of children, families and staff. We will look at real examples of case studies to identify best practice solutions.

The workshop will:

  • remind you of the key duties in schools in relation to children and young people with SEND
  • allow you think about wider inclusion issues around medical needs, attendance and exclusion
  • reflect on current practice and share solutions


Diane Rochford – Executive Head, John F Kennedy School and author of the Rochford Review (SEND)

Diane is the Executive Head of the John F Kennedy Special School in Newham. She has extensive experience working in the field of Special Education Needs and Disability as a Headteacher and Senior Leader. She is a qualified and active Ofsted inspector with accredited SEND. Diane has led the school to be an Outstanding provision for learners within and beyond the school.

She is a recently appointed member of the Eastern Region Headteacher Board. Additionally, she worked with the DfE in 2012 developing Teachers Standards, representing special schools and most recently Diane has chaired the Rochford Review which was to consider and define statutory assessment for pupils working towards the standards of the end of KS1/2 tests.

Joanne McCartney – Deputy Mayor, Education and Childcare, London Assembly

Alongside her roles as Deputy Mayor of London and Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey (since 2004), Joanne was appointed Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare in 2016. Her priorities include: improving access to quality childcare and early-years education; making sure every child has a good school or college place; giving every child an equal chance in life; supporting strong school leadership, sharing best practice and attracting, nurturing and keeping great teachers in London.

Gill Brackenbury – Director, UCL Centre for Inclusive Education

Gill has over thirty years teaching experience in schools and higher education; lecturing in special educational needs, inclusion and language and literacy development and difficulties. She has extensive experience of teacher education including national and international initiatives in joint professional development.

Specific research interests include; literacy, the education of children in care, and knowledge mobilisation/knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners.

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